v. t.
1) to erect or set up (a tent, camp, or the like)
2) to put, set, or plant in a fixed or definite place or position
3) to throw, fling, hurl, or toss
4) spo baseball
a) to deliver or serve (the ball) to the batter
b) spo to serve as pitcher of (a game)
5) to set at a certain point, degree, level, etc.:
He pitched his hopes too high[/ex]
6) mad to establish the musical key of
7) archit. bui to set or build with a downward slope: a pitched roof
8) archit. to pave or revet with small stones
9) cvb inf inf to attempt to sell or win approval for; promote; advertise:
to pitch cereals at a sales convention[/ex]
10) to plunge or fall forward or headlong
11) to lurch
12) to throw or toss
13) spo baseball
a) to deliver or serve the ball to the batter
b) to fill the position of pitcher
14) to slope downward; dip
15) naut. navig. to plunge with alternate fall and rise of bow and stern, as a ship
16) (of a rocket or guided missile) to deviate from a stable flight attitude by oscillations of the longitudinal axis in a vertical plane about the center of gravity
17) to fix a tent or temporary habitation; encamp
18) spo Golf. to play a pitch shot
19) pitch in, Informal.
phv+inf to contribute to a common cause
20) pitch into, Informal.
to attack verbally or physically
21) relative point, position, or degree:
a high pitch of excitement[/ex]
22) the degree of inclination or slope; angle
23) mad (in music, speech, etc.) the degree of height or depth of a tone or of sound, depending upon the relative rapidity of the vibrations by which it is produced
24) mad mus the particular tonal standard with which given tones may be compared in respect to their relative level
25) the apparent predominant frequency sounded by an acoustical source
26) the act or manner of pitching
27) a throw or toss
28) spo baseball the serving of the ball to the batter by the pitcher
29) naut. navig. a pitching movement, as of a ship
30) a sloping part or place:
the pitch of a hill[/ex]
31) a quantity of something pitched or placed somewhere
32) spo Cricket. the central part of the field; area between the wickets
33) inf Informal.
a sales talk, often high-pressured
34) aer. Aeron.
a) the nosing of an airplane or spacecraft up or down about a transverse axis
b) the distance that a given propeller would advance in one revolution
35) (of a rocket or guided missile)
a) the motion due to pitching
b) rkt the extent of the rotation of the longitudinal axis involved in pitching
36) gel Geol. the inclination of a linear feature, as the axis of a fold or an oreshoot, from the horizontal
a) mac the distance between the corresponding surfaces of two adjacent gear teeth, measured between perpendiculars to the root surfaces
b) mac the distance between any two adjacent things in a series, as screw threads or rivets
38) Cards.
gam all fours 2)
39) pri a unit of typographic measurement indicating the number of characters to a horizontal inch
Etymology: 1175–1225; ME picchen to thrust, pierce, set up (a tent, etc.), array, throw II
[[t]pɪtʃ[/t]] n.
1) chem. any of various dark, tenacious, and viscous substances for caulking and paving, consisting of the residue of the distillation of coal tar or wood tar
2) chem. any of certain bitumens, as asphalt:
mineral pitch[/ex]
3) chem. any of various resins
4) chem. the sap or crude turpentine that exudes from the bark of pines
5) to smear or cover with pitch
Etymology: bef. 900; ME pich, OE pic < L pic- (s. of pix), whence also D pek, G Pech; akin to Gk píssa pitch

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